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Posted on: 11/29/18

HP printers are easy to use and are reliable. They work best when connected with USB as well as when the printer is wireless. However, it requires some sort of technical know-how to do the same in the correct way as only the appropriate driver can get the best results out of your device. If you think it is difficult on your part, then for this purpose you can get in touch with HP Customer Service 1-800-329-1530 and get complete help in setting up your HP printer.

1.    Check the requirements for your system and delete the previously installed versions from Windows to prepare the system for setup through USB connection and installation of the driver.

2.    Keep the printer on and ready to print. Make sure there is USB port on your system. Don’t use USB hub or docking station for the USB connection as it will not provide enough power supply for your printer.

3.    Disconnect the USB cable if asked for during the driver installation if you have already connected the USB cable.

4.    Click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ from the control panel and right click on your printer’s icon. Click on ‘Remove Device’ and if you see multiple icons for the same then remove them all and close the current window.

5.    Now to complete the USB connection you need to download the best and appropriate driver for your printer model. Call at the HP Support Number if you think you are not able to get the setup done right.

6.    Go to the HP software and driver download page and then enter your printer model name and number and check the operating system of your computer.

7.    If asked for, then enter the product’s information like the printer model number under the ‘Printer’ section and then click ‘Submit’. A list of software for your printer number will be shown to you.

8.    If you want to change the operating system then click on ‘Change’ and select the correct version and then again press ‘Change’.

9.    Under the ‘Driver’ section click on ‘Download’ to download the full software package or click on the ‘Basic Drivers’ to check other drivers.

10. Now select USB when asked to choose a printer connection and complete the setup. After this, your printer is ready to use and you can start printing there and then.

This is how you can simply set up the HP printer for use and get the desired results. There might be difficulty in looking for the appropriate software or driver for your HP printer model. But you can go for taking tech support for this purpose. To talk to our technical executives you need to call at the HP Printer Support Number 1-800-329-1530.

The tech support staff is well-qualified and trained in giving you the best solutions for all the issues you have faced with your HP printer. Also, the tech support number can be contacted anytime as the technicians are available round the clock.


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